Make a mobile with Kitiya Palaskas |

Hey all,

I just love mobiles. I bumped into this cute and easy tutorial From Paper Runway and just had to share it.


Enjoy it and have a blessed week!

Link: Make a mobile with Kitiya Palaskas |.


Flower Scotch!

Dear all,

Here’s a quick tutorial on how you can personalize your desk accessories using what you have!

Materials needed:

Scotch tape dispenser

The inside label

scrapbook paper/ gift wrap/ any other paper



All I did was taking the label out, glue the right side to the back of the paper (you could just trace it, cut out and glue it later on) and cut it out.




Place it back in the dispenser and voila!

It took me less then 5 minutes to make.

Maybe you could cover both sides by tracing the label on another piece of firm paper.

Show me what you have made this week!