Big announcement!!!

Hey all!!

I have finally taken the “big step” (which is actually a baby step but it feels like huge to me) to open my online store on Etsy!

I was kind of affraid of the list prices so I did a small research and found Etsy to be the best.

So here is my store: Crafty Teacups! Please feel free to visit any time you like and to share with your friends!

I’m excited for “the big step”!

Here’s a shot of the store:



Necklace collection: Earth! by Nathy

Hey everyone,

Today I have the pleasure to show you my necklace collection called Earth!

They are made with jersey knit, soft rope and swine leather.

I hope you like them as much as I do.

1a    1b

1c 1d

2a 2b2c 2d2e


4a 4b 4c

4d 4e


To place an order please send me an email with the number.

Have a nice weekend and wear Earth!

Nathy ❤

Hot sale!!!

Hi all,

I am experimenting with something new here.

This mint lycra necklace is made with a thick rope in it and can be knotted for a chunky necklace or loosened for a long sleek look.

It’s a bit inspired by these necklaces, but I chose to cover it completely with one color lycra.

Unique & bold statement necklace in mint!!



Wishing everyone a nice day,