Big announcement!!!

Hey all!!

I have finally taken the “big step” (which is actually a baby step but it feels like huge to me) to open my online store on Etsy!

I was kind of affraid of the list prices so I did a small research and found Etsy to be the best.

So here is my store: Crafty Teacups! Please feel free to visit any time you like and to share with your friends!

I’m excited for “the big step”!

Here’s a shot of the store:



10 Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Craft Business

Hey loves,

I was surfing around for articles about time management but I bumped into a more interesting one, as most of the mentioned mistakes apply to me as well.

I make stuff just as a hobby but I am definitely leaving doors open for if “it” wants to become a serious matter.

So I’m sharing this article with you, maybe it can help you in your endeavors whatever they may be.

The article: 10 Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Craft Business.

P.s.: Below are 2 a pictures (I-should-invest-in-a-good-camera) of a simple cake table and a candy bar I decorated in the past 2 weeks! I’ve used tissue paper flowers for both of them.





I hope you like them.


Being natural means just being you event

Hi Teacups,

We were offered a great opportunity to participate at an event called “Being Natural means just Being You“. We had a great time selling some of our accessories by Calabazeria and Crafty Teacups, meeting new people and especially learning new things about natural hair care.

Our booth was well visited and we had some great people signing up to follow the blog.

Thanks to all the new followers, we had a total of 19 subscriptions.

Our Booth

Our Booth!

And as we had promised for that night, we had an incentive for a lucky new follower.

Using Excel’s random number picker to pick a number between 1 and 19 we found the lucky winner, which is…

Winner of our price!

Winner of our price!


You have won a NAFls. 25,- coupon to be used with any purchase or order you place with Crafty Teacups.

We will contact you for the details of our price.

Thank you all for signing up and keep following us for updates, have a blessed week,

Make something!