Perfect petals, every time!

Dear crafters,

Have you ever had to cut a flower from cardstock or fabric and always end up making like 3, because the other 2 were a mess?

Well I have been there many times.

So to end this I have put together a mini tutorial of how I have solved this problem.


I start of with a square…


Fold it in 4 as shown above.


Draw half of a petal of the desired flower shape. Make sure you use the fold line as center, which in this case is at your left. (if you draw the whole petal you’ll end up with 8 petals)


This is how it looks after cutting without unfolding.


And when you open it, you will end up with a perfect, symmetrical flower. Note: Petals will always be a multiplication of 2.

From here you can use this template to trace on cardstock or on fabric to make anything your creativity throws at you like these roses or these flowers.

Have fun!

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