What I’ve been up to!

Hi there!!

I’ve got so many things I want to write about but the weeks seem to be running instead of passing by.

So between trying to finish a house, going to my day job, being offered many projects and dealing with burglars who broke my right back seat car window for no apparent reason 😦 I am happy and grateful to be writing this post while listening to Kim Walker Smith – Waste it all

CYMERA_20130621_071228I am wearing this colorful felt brooch today and cheering others up as I walk by.

This brooch was made during my last craft class –  Felt Flowers and inspired by these cuties.

1010903_10201369838146960_1823380793_n (1)


Random office decorations!


Two personalized jersey necklaces made for a client as seen over on various blogs and sites, especially on Crafted!

I added beads to the blue one and I braided the other one as seen on Melissa Esplin!



This is my cute chinese doll, Lin, my first ever made!

I like her so much!

Now I am making 2 new friends for her. Sadly they’ll be given to a client, so Lin will be all alone again.


I’m all into planting these days (consisted mostly of me buying stuff and hubby doing the rest).

But I just wanted to share my 3 tomato plants and show how big they have grown in such a short time, 10 weeks since they were small, just no tomatoes jet. I’m keeping my hopes high!

I was on tv!!!

I was so happy to be called by a local show presenter as she saw on facebook what I was posting and what I did and invited me to do some quick DIY accessories for the audience at home!

I was nervous but I did pretty good!

I am grateful for such opportunity!



These were 3D glitter fabric paint and a jersey necklace and


a large bow brooch and an ombre chevron colorblocking necklace.


So true it all I am happy as I am growing in my calling and passion.

Enjoy your weekend!


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