Tera Krioyo (Creole Soil)

Oh I love planting!

I wish I had more time on my hands to plant. I usually buy the plants/seeds, plant them and leave the caretaking to the hubby.

The other day we went to a health fair and saw that JCI IOBA Curacao just started a new project with courses about planting and growing food at home. The intention is to follow a 6 week course and compete afterwards based on weight produced goods for a price.

My sister signed me up and I thank God she did. At first I was sceptical and procrastinating because I don’t have the time to compete, but I went anyway just to follow the course to acquire info, not to compete!

The first day of the course was great!!

We are having lots of fun and practical information on plants that will grow here with ease considering the Curacao climate and type of soil (I guess that’s why they named it “Creole Soil”). This lady (teacher) is a funny granny and she has her own peculiar way of explaining stuff which in a bizarre way makes all the sense in the world. I thought I knew a lot. :s I knew a lot about foreign plants because I search the net all the time. But I forgot to adapt to local climate so I used to suffocate my plants all the time.

I am learning so much!

Can’t wait for next week! 😀

Below I am just throwing some pictures of my homework and of my notes. I will leave short comments below each picture (notes are in papiamentu).

I will try to post pictures as the course progresses.

Till next post, go plant something!



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