Planting in coffee cans…

Hey everyone!!

I have been pinning backyard images like crazy these days, I want to plant so badly!!!

But unfortunately as we have just moved into our unfinished house with no fence to close up the yard, I started my tiny garden in a corner of my back porch anyway (for now).

We use these coffee cans at work for our coffee machine and I asked the “coffee lady” to save all the cans for me and like a sweetheart, she saved me all the cans.

So this post is about recycled nametags I have been making for the plants. In another post I will let everyone meet my tiny friends as they grow.  I saw the name tags over on Coach House Crafting on a Budget!

So for my nametags I chose the very lid of the can… here goes.


Here is the can..


I took the label off, cleaned the remaining pieces…


Cut a mushroom like shape from the lid as shown above…


And with the green rough side of a two sided sponge I scrubbed the printed text away from the lid to get a clean uniform tag…


And I wrote the name of the corresponding plant/seeds on the tag, with a tiny heart (btw.: Patia is Watermelon in Papiamentu, my native language)

And after planting the seeds…


I just shoved the slim part of the tag in the plant!

I hope you liked it!

If you did something similar please comment below, I’d like to see some pictures…

Have a nice day and be blessed!

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