New things are coming my way…

Hey everyone!

I have this blog for some time now but never had the guts to share much. I have taken a picture of everything I crafted since I decided to do this on a regular basis/ as a serious job (beginning 2009) and posted them in my Facebook albums Made by me 1, 2 and 3. I always thought you really had to have a big story to share on your blog otherwise it would be bleh!! But as my crafting was growing I decided to give classes to interested souls and I named the crafting sessions Crafty Teacups.

And it suddenly hit me that the blogging idea was neat but the tittle didn’t complement what I wanted to archive (and because I’ve learned later that the name was taken, sooo…

~ I am merging Corativity and all I make into the Crafty Teacups blog!~


Now I can update my blog more often and I can share more direct to what my craft journey entitles…

Hope it makes a difference!

I’m listening to “the remedy” by Ayiesha Woods which I find compliments this post perfectly…

Drink tea…


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