Walking 2gether

For the wonderful project of Walking 2gether my friend, Frouwkje Smit asked me to write a piece on what the project meant to me and I stated this:

Walking 2gether

Walking 2gether was the breakthrough of spontaneous public art exhibitions I was always longing for.
For years I was craving to see artists making their art a public exhibition where the community can be a part of it. It’s usual to go somewhere (gallery or museum) to appreciate art. The “ordinary” person doesn’t choose to go and appreciate art, because they were never confronted with it, neither have they been brought up with it. More so; it has always been seen as an activity for the “elite” and something of vanity which has no significance because one could not make a living of it anyway. Furthermore it has been categorized as “rubbish” by naïve individuals because of lack of understanding and the ability to grasp and appreciate it.
While art can do so much for a person it has also been neglected and even denied by some because of its ability to trigger emotions and/or formulate opinions in one self, especially by men.
What I have come to notice is that art becomes so much part of one’s live that if excluded you will just be alive instead of living life. And this is what art does for me, much more when done spontaneously and freely.
When I think about the Walking 2gether project the strongest saying that comes to my mind is: “It’s alright!” All the shoe types describe a certain path I, my community, this island, have been walking for years, growing up, falling down, stumbling and yet: we keep on going forward. It shows me that as long as you are walking, it’s ok. One thing we should shun is standing still or renounce. Any positive direction you take, any path you walk leads to somewhere. If we walk we can reach our goals.

Nathaly Martina

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